Tony Holtzman’s fourth novel, "Blame" is now available. between tomorrow, August 24th and September 15th, 35 people will be chosen at random at Goodreads to receive a free copy! "Blame" is also available from

Cloudsplitter translates from Tahawus, a native American name used by the early white explorers to describe the highest peak in the Adirondack Mountains and in New York State, officially named Mount Marcy.

Cloudsplitter Press is proud to publish Tony Holtzman's monumental Adirondack Trilogy, which traces thirty years of conflict, love, and tragedy in the history of the Adirondack Mountains through the lives of the mythical Carter family whose members interact with true characters in the mountains. Described in more detail on the following pages, the three novels have been widely acclaimed by writers in the Adirondacks.

Cloudsplitter Press is an independent press founded by Tony Holtzman. At present, it is not considering submissions by other authors.