Cloudsplitter Press is pleased to publish Tony Holtzman’s fifth novel, The Bethune Murals. In it he returns to the Adirondack Mountains, this time in the twentieth century at Saranac Lake and the Trudeau Sanatorium. Medical doctor Norman Bethune, who subsequently declared himself to be a Communist drew a series of murals when he was a patient in the Sanatorium in 1927. In 1953, when the FBI receives a complaint that research at Trudeau is part of a communist plot to undermine American asbestos manufacturers, it launches an investigation attempting to trace Communists at the Sanatorium back to Bethune and his murals. The House Un-American Activities Committee holds a hearing on subversion at Trudeau. The investigation and hearing threaten the stability of Saranac Lake and leave tragedy in their wake. Read More.

Holtzman’s fourth novel, Blame, is set around the beginning of the third millennium and draws on his experience as a physician, geneticist, and medical researcher. It's the story of a bright young scientist who unwittingly commits a scientific error that leads to the death of an African-American woman enrolled in a randomized clinical trial of gene therapy to prevent Alzheimer's Disease. Read More.

Adirondack Trilogy traces thirty years of conflict, love, and tragedy in the history of the Adirondack Mountains (1860-1890) through the lives of the mythical Carter family whose members interact with true characters in the mountains. Described in more detail on the following pages, Axton Landing, The Railroad, and Forever Wild, have been widely acclaimed in the Adirondacks.

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